Wednesday 19 January 2022

Goodwood Racecourse

As a racecourse of some repute, Goodwood Racecourse is a fantastic location to come and visit if you are looking for a bit of history in the sport. Based just outside of West Sussex, this is under control of the Duke of Richmond and makes a fantastic location to come visit for some genuine racing. It sees the likes of the Nassau Stakes, the Sussex Stakes and the prestigious Goodwood Cup take place here.

With the stunning Iron Age hill for that overlooks the region, this has all the makings of a truly classic racing facility. While the fog can sometimes ruin a good vantage point, it’s an incredibly fun place to come and visit if you are looking for a racecourse that is dripping with character.

With six furlongs, it stands out amongst the fairly standard world of UK racing. With an uphill lfirst furlong and second, it feels extremely different to a large option of other courses that are used. However, it’s also known for its extensive number of sharp turns, which creates high octane races which sees many overtakes and the like.

It’s been a regularly visited course on the TV, having become a regular on first the BBC and then ITV Racing. This helped to give the racecourse an event greater profile, ensuring that it stands out among what is already a very busy selection.

It sees races from May to September, starting with the Daisy Warwick Stakes and finishing up with the Stardom Stakes.